Aerospace Sensors 2022

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Why buy this 200-page report?

  • Because it offers granular modelling, technical insights, assessment of industry trends, and profiles of industry participants.
  • A major change to the Sensors 2022 report has been the expansion of the military sensor section to include the full range of electronic warfare related sensors provided by the world’s leading defence contractors.

Our 2022 report offers comprehensive market analysis including:

  • Market size and market shares in 2021, split by OEM, spares and repairs and eleven sensor types:
    - Pressure
    - Temperature
    - Position
    - Liquid (flow, level, density)
    - Inertial (acceleration, vibration)
    - Particulate (debris, smoke)
    - Gas (oxygen, nitrogen)
    - Force/torque
    - Active (radar)
    - EW Smart Intelligent
    - Visual (EO/IR/Video)
  • Market growth over 2021-2031 shown for:
    - eight categories of aircraft
    - eleven sensor types
    - OEM and aftermarket

We analyse key issues and trends including;

  • Growth drivers
  • Cost drivers
  • Industry consolidation
  • Evolving sensor technology, with our assessment of new technologies by Technology Readiness Level including:
    - Optical sensing/data transmission
    - Ice Detection
    - Structural Health Monitoring
    - Synthetic/Enhanced Visual Systems
    - Internet of Things (IoT)
    - Quantum Sensing
  • Industry Profitability

The report provides profiles of 62 companies. Our profiles cover: Origins and ownership; Our estimate of interior sales, plus financials if obtainable; Operations and technologies; Customers and contracts; Strategy; Recent developments; Our comments on overall market position.

The report is supplied with an Excel data pack, which provides all the numbers in our charts and tables. We offer purchasers of this report a one-hour free teleconference to discuss any aspects of this report.

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