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Company Background
Counterpoint Market Intelligence Limited was formed by George Burton and Richard Apps in 2004 to offer original, independent and rigorous research into aerospace & defence markets. Between them, Richard and George have 50 years of experience in senior positions in aerostructures, engine components, and aerospace equipment.

Applications for our search

Market analysis

  • An authoritative independent view
  • Market size, growth, segmentation, dynamics

Strategic planning

  • Evaluation of strategic position and development options

M&A transactions

  • Market and strategy due diligence
  • Acquisition search

Identification of potnetial customers and suppliers

Identification and assessment of competitors

Potential for new technologies and products

Our market model
Counterpoint has always undertaken extensive quantitative analysis in support of both its standard reports and client work. Since 2017, we have been developing a new database and market model.

The model provides

  • Current OE market and aftermarket size by component
  • 10-years OE market and aftermarket growth by component
  • 10-years market growth by platform (aircraft)
  • Market size by platform(aircraft)
  • Suppliers’ market share
  • Market size by material (for aerostructure and engine components)
  • Market share by manufacture/processing methods (for aerostructure and engine components)
  • Market size by region

The robustness of our model comes from

Its architecture

    • that reflects the structure of the supply chain accurately
    • a flexible aftermarket model that reflects various repair/maintenance cycles by components
    • a two-way approach that helps verifying data output from the ‘bottom-up’ model which is built on value per shipset and A/C delivery, and the ‘top-down’ model which bases on deep dive of suppliers’ financial information

The aircraft data input

    • we research the key characteristics attributed to aircraft, engines, aircraft systems, and individual components
    • data research is assembled and verified from a blend of our industry experience and contacts, subscription services, and the public domain
    • accurate aircraft delivery data from the Boeing, Airbus databases, as well as data from the FAA and EASA, and a proprietary fleet database
    • From firm data points we use parameteric model to estimate data points for other aircraft types and variants.
Our customers
Counterpoint has an international business, with over 80% of sales coming from outside the UK. Sales of research reports are complemented by our consultancy work. Two thirds of sales are to the aerospace & defence industry – aircraft and engine prime contractors and first and second tier suppliers. Other clients are private equity funds, investment banks and government organisations.