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Our Services
Assisting in the preparation of strategic plans
Evaluating strategic options
Deep dive market analysis
Analysing the effects of current economic trends on aerospace and aircraft deliveries
Performing market-related due diligence
Identifying potential acquisition targets
Recent assignments
Some examples of recent assignments

Strategy reviews

  • Counterpoint was commissioned to undertake a strategic review of an engine components company including its current trading position and competitive market positioning and future opportunities and risks
  • Conducted in-depth feasibility study for a major Tier 1 to expand its business into the aerostructures market

Market analysis

  • GKN commissioned Counterpoint Market Intelligence to carry out the market analysis and segmentation for its submission to the EU competition directorate regarding the acquisition of Airbus activities at Filton, UK Strategic business review
  • Market and technology analysis in forged engine components (aero, IGT and steam)
  • Comprehensive supply chain analysis including product/market segmentation for a major aircraft OEM

Technology analysis

  • Market and technology analysis of composites processes (Prepreg ATL, AFP of slit Pre-preg, Resin infusion, Thermo-plastics, RTM, VARTM, Oven-cured Pre-pregs, Quickstep/Microwave, Press forming of Thermo-plastic, In situ consolidation of Thermo-plastic Materials)

Market due diligence for M&A

  •  Vendor due diligence in support of a sale of a defence electronics company by a private equity owner
  •  Several projects in support of buy-side due diligence

Government customers

  • A major Western government selected Counterpoint to conduct a global review comparing various governmental support packages and state support for aerospace
  • A Southeast Asian government commissioned Counterpoint to review the composites market, including the identification of acquisition targets and the assessment of support packages from competing governments