Aircraft Fluid Conveyance 2021 – Report Release

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On 20th July 2021, Counterpoint released its fifth report on the aircraft fluid conveyance market – Aircraft Fluid Conveyance 2021.

Why buy this 125-page report (up from 91 pages in 2019)?

We have expanded the scope and granularity of this report to give a rigorous and insightful market analysis in what is often an overlooked sector.

In our latest report, we segment this $2.7 billion market in 2020 (down from $4.2 billion in 2019) into five sectors (plus End Fittings, which are included in our quantitative estimates for these sectors):

  • High Pressure Tubes (Rigid)
  • Low Pressure Tubes/Pipes
  • High Pressure Ducts
  • Low Pressure Ducts
  • HP/LP Flexible Hoses

We discuss the features and manufacturing techniques unique to each.

We provide a detailed market model by sector and aircraft category with market analysis including:

  • Estimated 2019 and 2020 market sizes, including OE and aftermarket
  • Estimated 2020 market shares
  • 10-year forecasts for these with three scenarios for COVID-19 pandemic recovery

We discuss key trends and characteristics in the market, in particular:

  • Outsourcing and procurement
    • Aircraft OEMs in different sectors
    • Engine OEMs
    • The role of distributors
  • Technology and Materials for tubes and ducting
    • High pressure ducting
    • Low pressure ducting
    • Additive manufacturing
    • The requirements of future zero/low emissions architectures
  • Aftermarket; varying demand across different products/applications
  • Consolidation; analysis of recent M&A activity in the sector

The report provides profiles of 47 companies. Our profiles cover:

  • Origins and ownership
  • Our estimate of fluid conveyance sales
  • Financials if obtainable
  • Operations and technologies
  • Customers and contracts
  • Strategy and recent developments
  • Our comments on the company’s overall market position

For more details about this report, click below to download a flyer (including a table of contents).

Download the PDF Flyer

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