Tooling & automated assembly for aerostructures 2021 – report release

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On 11th October 2021, Counterpoint released its seventh report on the aerostructures tooling market – Tooling & automated assembly for aerostructures 2021.

Why buy this 145-page report?

Counterpoint has released its seventh report on the aerostructures tooling market, including a major update of our tooling market model. This is still a challenging market, but we see relative growth in automation and composite tooling. Our report includes:

  • Market size and 10-year growth forecasts under three Covid recovery scenarios segmented by:
    • Tool design
    • Metal forming
    • Composite forming
    • Component assembly
    • Final/major assembly
  • Demand over the next 10 years segmented by:
    • source of demand e.g., clean sheet design, derivatives etc.
    • aerostructure type e.g., wing, fuselage etc.
    • type of tooling spending e.g., NRC, rate tooling, tooling maintenance, consumable tools, upgrades
    • aircraft type e.g., large commercial, business jet etc.
  • Areas of relative growth e.g., automated assembly & composites forming and the use of composite tools
  • Shape of the market:
    • Civil and military split
    • Key aircraft programmes
    • Extent to which outsourcing by aircraft OEMs and large tier-1s is occurring
    • Geographical analysis.
  • Analysis of market size and shares for the following product segments: total market; tooling for final/major assembly; tooling for composites and metal aerostructures; and materials for tooling made out of composites

We analyse key characteristics and trends including:

  • Tooling materials and technologies (e.g., hybrids, composites)
  • Procurement issues: the location of the supply chain; the importance of local suppliers; globalisation of tooling procurement; the trend towards larger contract responsibilities; ways in which the aircraft OEMs influence their suppliers’ approach to tooling
  • The impact of additive manufacturing
  • Profitability; analysis of reported results and our views on margins suppliers
  • Tooling supplier strategies
  • M&A and consolidation

The report provides profiles of 48 companies. Our profiles cover:

  • Origins and ownership
  • Our estimate of sales
  • Financials if obtainable
  • Operations and technologies
  • Customers and contracts
  • Strategy and recent developments
  • Our comments on the company’s overall market position

For more details about this report, click below to download a flyer (including a table of contents).

Download the PDF Flyer

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