Electrical Power Systems 2020 – Towards the More Electric Aircraft

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On July 13th, 2020, Counterpoint launched its first annual review of the $3.34 billion Electrical Power Systems market.

We see the Electrical Power Systems (EPS) sector as attractive, based upon both above trend growth potential (more electric aircraft) and the potential quality of earnings (engineered products, aftermarket).

Our 2020 report looks at key trends, including:

  • Above-trend growth due to the steady migration of older mature technologies such as pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical powered systems to electrically powered and controlled systems
  • The increasing penetration of Solid-State Power Controls (SSPC), replacing traditional electro-mechanical devices
  • Consolidation in the supply chain, which has been happening for a long time

The report provides profiles of 27 companies. Our expanded profiles cover;

  • Origins and ownership
  • Estimate of EPS sales & financials
  • Operations and technologies
  • Customers and contracts
  • Strategy
  • Recent developments
  • Our comments on its overall market position

Download the Electrical Power Systems 2020 PDF Flyer

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