Aircraft Interiors 2019

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The ever-increasing demands of passengers, and of the airlines who serve them with new products and a better flying experience, continue to drive innovation in this sector.

Because our report reflects the knowledge from many years of involvement in the design, manufacturing and marketing of aircraft interiors products. As before, our team for this report includes Ben Bettell, who brings with him 35+ years of experience in the interiors sector.

Our report offers: granular modelling, technical insights, assessment of industry trends, and profiles of industry participants. Over the last six years, we have been analysing this market, supplying our report globally and engaging with many of the leading players.

This year, we find that the aircraft interiors market still offers the prospect of premium growth, but competition is intense, particularly in seating where there are many players now including Boeing.

We believe our report is the most detailed and in-depth report on this $15.8 billion market available today.

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