Aircraft Interiors 2018

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The ever-increasing demands of passengers, and of the airlines who serve them with new products and a better flying experience, continue to drive innovation in this sector.

Meeting these demands has proven to be a challenge for even the biggest industry players, and has led to calls for a structural change in the supply chain from the aircraft manufactures.

However, the sector produces returns well-above the industry average for those who get it right, and this has attracted a multitude of fresh ideas from the smallest of start-ups to an automotive giant.

In response, the two largest interiors companies have both been bought within the last year by aircraft equipment companies. This should bring yet more expertise and investment into what is already a highly dynamic and exciting sector

This is Counterpoint’s fifth report on the aircraft interiors industry and, as before, our team for this report includes Ben Bettell, who brings with him 35+ years of experience in the interiors sector.

We believe our report is the most detailed and in-depth report on this $16.5 billion market available today.

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