Aerostructures 2020

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This is our 16th annual review of the $66 billion world aerostructures market.

Why buy this 780-page report?

Because the aerostructures supply chain is about to enter a period of radical and unprecedented change. This will be caused mainly by reducing volume but also by continued capital investment in what has now become a capital-intensive sector.

We have been analysing the market for a long time, both in the manufacturing sector and now, over the last 15 years, as analysts. For these reasons we believe that we are well placed to describe the current landscape, identify trends, and advise on emerging threats and opportunities.

Our 2020 report also offers comprehensive market analysis of this $66 billion market, including:

  • composite, titanium and other metallic structures
  • Civil and military: OE production, spares and modifications
  • Generic aircraft type: e.g. large commercial, regional, business, helicopters
  • Aerostructures product type: wings, fuselage, nacelles & pylons, empennage
  • Market tier: super tier-1, tier-1, tier-2; the value of sales at different points in the supply chain
  • As soon as the market growth trajectory becomes clearer, we will issue a free supplement, showing 10-year forecasts for all of the above.
  • Customer orientation of suppliers; supplier numbers in each tier

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