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Counterpoint Market Intelligence has just released a new report that covers the Carbon fibre market and the Global aerospace carbon fibre prepreg market: market size and market shares.
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Engine OEMs now dominate FADEC’s, this small but critical part of the market. However a continuing role and profitable long term contracts exist for independent suppliers of FADECs and other components of the engine and fuel control system. Engine controls and fuel systems 2017
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The ever-increasing demands of passengers and the airlines who serve them for new products and a better flying experience continues to drive innovation in Aircraft Interiors. Meeting these demands has proven to be a challenge for even the biggest industry players, and has led to calls for a structural change in the supply chain from...
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Our new valve report describes the main types of aerospace valve and their applications including pneumatic, hydraulic, solenoid and fuel. We describe the aerospace valve market structure and supply chain and give our estimates of the market shares of the leading suppliers, as well as providing estimates for market growth (2016-2026 CAGRs). This report also...
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Our seventh report on this market sector provides analysis of market trends and detailed market segmentation. We also discuss key trends in the shape of the supply chain, outsourcing and state involvement in the sector. We analyse strategies pursued by companies in this sector and also examine M&A deals over the last 2 years. The...
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As well analysing composites in aerospace for Counterpoint, Dr Joanne Zhang brings an informed perspective on aviation in China. Please go to our downloads page to see her thoughts on this vital market.
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Counterpoint presented at the 2017 Commercial Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference in Toulouse. Richard Apps gave a presentation entitled, “Dilemmas Within the Industry: A New Era is Upon Us” Please go to our downloads page to download a copy of this presentation.
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Joanne joins us from the University of Bristol where she has just completed her PhD degree in Aerospace Composites. During her 4-years research experience Joanne developed a patentable composite manufacturing technique which can be used to produce a multifunctional aerospace composite by introducing graphene and/or carbon nanotubes, outcome of which has generated a lot of...
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The Report covers: Tubes & Pipes; High pressure ducts; Low pressure ducts. • Detailed market model by sector and aircraft category with market analysis including: market size, market shares and growth 2016 -2026. • Discussion of key trends and characteristics, e.g.: margins; consolidation; technology and high barriers to entry • Profiles of 42 companies.
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This is our 13th annual review of the $61 billion world aerostructures market. It reflects analysis of our discussions with companies at all levels in the supply chain. The report includes: • growth forecasts & detailed segmentation by product family; • our analysis of the reduction in reported 2016 margins vs 2015; • causes and...