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On 16th March 2021, Counterpoint released its first report on the Avionics market – Avionics 2021.

The avionics market is a highly dynamic sector driven by frequent regulatory changes, technology insertions and the need for improved operating efficiencies. We estimate that the Avionics market has seen a 28% contraction from $17.3 billion in 2020 compared to $23.8 billion 2019 with the bulk of this reduction falling in the commercial sector (down 39% on 2019).

Why buy this 240-page report?

Because at this time of unprecedented market stress, we offer rigorous and insightful market analysis within the avionics market sector.

As the focus moves to recovery, we offer 10-year market forecasts showing three post Covid-19 scenarios, divided into the market segments outlined below.

Our new report also offers comprehensive market analysis including:

  • Detailed comparisons of the market in 2019 showing the effects of the pandemic on the different market sectors
  • The market segmented by aircraft type:
    • OE and aftermarket, civil and military
    • Generic aircraft type: e.g., large commercial, regional, business jets, military fast jets, military transporters, helicopters, UAVs
  • We also segment the market by product group.
    • Software, Digital Services
    • Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)
    • Flight Management Systems
    • Autopilot systems
    • Displays
    • Navigation
    • Communications
    • Surveillance
    • Data
    • Mission Systems
    • Sensors
  • Market trends and key characteristics including:
    • The evolving industry structure:
      • The role of the aircraft OEMs
      • Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE) vs Supplier Furnished Equipment (SFE)
      • The role of Airlines (end-users)
      • Supplier consolidation and ownership
    • Key technology trends:
      • Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Avionics
      • Integrated Avionics
      • Autonomous flight/’Pilotless’ cockpit
      • Sensor development

We believe our report is the most detailed and in-depth report on this market segment available today. We include profiles of 50 companies including; Origins and ownership; our estimate of avionics sales, plus financials if obtainable; operations and capability; customers and contracts; strategy and recent developments.

Download the PDF Flyer

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