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On November 11th 2020, Counterpoint released its seventh annual update on the Aircraft Interiors market. Aircraft Interiors 2020 has been extended again with new interior component coverage including pilot seats, cockpit furnishings, and cabin floors.

Why buy this 628-page report?

Because at this time of unprecedented market stress, we offer rigorous and insightful market analysis reflecting experience from many years in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of aircraft interiors products, through previous peaks and troughs of the commercial aircraft cycle. As before, our team for this report includes Ben Bettell, who brings with him 35+ years of experience in the interiors sector.

Our 2020 report offers comprehensive market analysis including:

  • The current trends and expected future impacts on this $15.8 billion market
  • Market growth projections and segmentation under three different Covid-19 scenarios over the period 2019-2029
  • How the market segments by:
    • Large Commercial, Regional, and Business Jets
    • OE, aftermarket; retrofit and spares
  • Market shares in each sector:
    • Seats (now includes Pilot and Super-numerary seats)
    • Galleys, Galley inserts, stowage, boxes, and carts
    • Lavatories
    • Crew rest compartments
    • Monuments
    • Cabin lighting
    • Interior panels
    • Overhead luggage bins
    • In-flight Entertainment, In-seat Power Supply, and Connectivity (analysed separately)
    • Floor coverings and Cabin floors (new for 2020)
    • Cockpit furnishings (new for 2020 including items like Bullet-proof doors, panels, and storage)

We analyse demand drivers, including;

  • Line fit, including new/expected new types
  • Retrofit and Replacement cycles

We describe the market and its key characteristics;

  • Trends in suppliers’ profitability
  • In-house supply or outsourcing by the aircraft OEMs
  • The rise and role of China in interiors
  • Manufacturing in low cost countries
  • How the SFE model is developing
  • Industry consolidation
  • Technology change e.g. the growth in composites, and new product development

The interiors industry has been hit hard by Covid-19, with sales down 50% compared to 2019, likely to be followed by further declines in retrofit in 2021. We look at the consequences for the industry, including consolidation and restructuring, and at prospects for future growth.

We believe our report is the most detailed and in-depth report on this $15.8 billion market available today.

Download the PDF Flyer

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