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On 14th June 2021, Counterpoint released its seventeenth report on the Aerostructures market – Aerostructures 2021.

Why buy this 800-page report?

Because the aerostructures supply chain is at the heart of the turmoil currently being experienced in the aerospace supply chain, which we think will be the catalyst for a period of radical change. This will be caused by the aircraft OEMs’ changing aerostructures sourcing strategies, and continuing capital investment requirements in what has now become a capital-intensive sector.

  • Our 2021 report also offers comprehensive market analysis including:
      • The estimated segmentation of this $44 billion market (down from $67 billion in 2019), including:
      • Composite, titanium and other metallic structures
      • Civil and military: OE production, spares and modifications
      • Generic aircraft type: e.g. large commercial, regional, business, helicopters
      • Aerostructures product type: wings, fuselage, nacelles & pylons, empennage
      • Market tier: super tier-1, tier-1, tier-2; the value of sales at different points in the supply chain
    • 10-year forecasts with three scenarios for COVID-19 pandemic recovery.
    • Market shares by suppliers for the segments described above
  • Market trends and key characteristics
    • Outsourcing by the aircraft OEMs
    • Competitive background by segment and sub segment
    • Composite materials and technology: e.g., thermoplastics, out-of-autoclave, automation.
    • The fight-back of metal: new alloys; new metal forming/joining; additive manufacturing
    • The role of governments: e.g., share ownership, R&T, offset, environmental
    • The evolving role of China
  • How do aerostructure firms respond to this marketplace?
    • Survival in the short term.
    • Industry consolidation, including analysis of M&A activity.
    • The increasing role of private equity/financial buyers.
    • Reported aerostructures profitability, and analysis.
  • Key strategies of aerostructures suppliers, including:
    • What is the trend in using low cost countries? What is the economic case?
    • What countervailing arguments e.g., setting up next to customers, automating?
    • Who’s doing what in automation e.g., AFP/ATL, robotics, digitisation?
    • Building a product-based business
    • Diversification

The report provides profiles of 192 companies. Our profiles cover:

  • Origins and ownership; Our estimate of aerostructures sales, plus financials if obtainable; operations and technologies; customers and contracts; strategy and recent developments; our comments including our categorisation of composites capability

For more details about this report, click below to download a flyer (including a table of contents).

Download the PDF Flyer

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