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Counterpoint has just released its latest report – Aerospace machining 2019.  This is our second report on this sector and builds on our many years of writing reports on aerostructures and engine components and some work we have recently done on the landing gear market.

Aerospace machining 2019 provides analysis of market trends and detailed market segmentation, both in the suppliers of aerospace machining and the suppliers of the machine tools.

We also discuss key trends in machining and the automated manufacture of composite aerostructures and engine components.

  • The relationships between:
    • The number of machines supplied
    • Their price
    • The output achieved from them
  • Geographical analysis
    • Sources of aerospace machine tools
    • The regions into which these machine tools are sold
  • Manufacturing
    • Where robotics are being used
    • Additive manufacturing
    • Hybrid machines

The report provides profiles of the 18 largest suppliers of machine tools to the aerospace industry.

For more information about our new report, please go to our reports page where you can download a flyer.

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