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On 4th April 2021, Counterpoint released its third report on the Aerospace Composites market – Aerospace Composites 2021.

Why buy this 491-page report? (up from 285 pages in 2019)

Because at this time of unprecedented market stress, we offer rigorous and insightful market analysis within the aerospace composites market sector from raw material to end applications in aerostructures, engine components, and cabin interiors.

In this report, we examine and quantify the aerospace polymer-based composite market covering fibres and resin, intermediate materials, and finished composite components and structures, and their end applications aerostructures, engines, interiors, and tooling. We consider the respective cases for increased composite use in both Commercial and Military aerospace, the evolution of composite manufacturing methods, and how the varying success of aircraft programmes impacts composites for end use.

Our 2021 report offers comprehensive quantitative market analysis including: 

  • Detailed comparisons of the market in 2019 showing the effects of the pandemic on the different market sectors.
  • 10-year forecasts under our three market recovery scenarios
  • Market sizes and market shares
    • Carbon, aramid, and glass fibre market
    • Thermoset and thermoplastic resin market
    • Intermediate product market
    • Honeycomb core
  • Composite parts manufacture:
    • Market size and market shares for aerostructures, engine components, interiors, and tooling.
    • Market size and shares by materials.

Technology trends in the raw/intermediate material market

  • Large-tow carbon fibre for aerospace applications
  • The rise of thermoplastic matrix
  • Non-aramid core material
  • Tow steering and tow shearing
  • Out of autoclave prepregs and resin systems
  • Materials for additive manufacturing
  • Material suppliers’ activities in composite recycling

Technology trends in aerostructures and engine components

  • Resin infusion and resin transfer moulding, and other out-of-autoclave technologies – market share for OOA and autoclave cure, as well as a 10-year growth trend for OOA.
  • Current applications and R&D trend in thermoplastic composite
  • Automation in aerostructure manufacturing – market shares for hand lay-up and AFP/ATL, as well as a 10-year growth trend for AFP/ATL.
  • Integrated composite parts; applications and developments
  • Recycling of composites; who has the initiative and the current participants in the supply chain.

Technology trends in cabin interiors 

  • Which parts will see increased use of composites?
  • Which materials will gain share?
  • Is recycled composite entering the interior market?

Technology trends in Tooling 

  • Composite tools for composite manufacturing
  • Hybrid tooling materials

The report provides full profiles of 119 companies (including 35 SMEs). Our profiles cover origins and ownership; our estimate of aerospace composite related sales, plus financials if obtainable; operations and technologies; customers and contracts; strategy and recent developments; our comments including our categorisation of composites capability.

For more details about this report, click below to download a flyer (including a table of contents) or contact one of the Counterpoint team.

Download the PDF Flyer

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