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As of September 26th 2022, our ninth edition of Aerospace Actuation is avaialble. We feel this is the most comprehensive and in-depth report on the $9.3 billion aerospace actuation market available today.

Our key message in this 290-page report is that things are changing and the previously reportted price-down pressure is relieved in the short term, as shortages in the supply chain shift the emphasis away from cost reduction to supply chain resilience. We think the aftermarket is changing as equipment becomes more reliable. Technology is the key differentiator and as large suppliers continue to invest in electric actuation technologies, small suppliers have tended to invest in technology specialisms in the components of an actuation system.

Our new report’s detailed market model offers the following market analysis;

  • Market size split by actuator product segment, divided into OE and aftermarket
  • Market size split by aircraft type, divided into OE and aftermarket
  • Market growth projections and segmentation over the period 2021-2031
  • Analysis of 2021 market size and shares for the following 11 product segments: primary flight controls; secondary flight controls – high lift; secondary flight controls – other; landing gear; thrust reversers; engine controls; utilities; seats; weapons release; missiles; and cockpit.

A complementary Excel data pack is supplied for our market estimates.

Download the Aerospace Actuation 2022 PDF Flyer

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