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Our market reports

Counterpoint Market Intelligence provides detailed research reports on aerospace and defence markets. These standard reports are based on: industry discussions and projects; data analysis and modelling; and our own extensive experience in the aerospace & defence industry. We analyse markets at a global level, with a special emphasis on: Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers; segmentation by product and process; and assessment of current and emerging trends.

Counterpoint also carries out bespoke consultancy projects specialising in deep dives into markets and products, strategy and competitive assessment, and market due diligence for M&A. We offer independent analysis, based on our continuous involvement in the markets we cover. We aim to be specialists not generalists.

Other services
Assisting in the preparation of strategic plans
Performing market-related due diligence
Evaluating strategic options
Analysing the effects of current economic trends on aerospace and aircraft deliveries
Deep dive market analysis
Identifying potential acquisition targets
Sectors our services cover

Our report on this market sector provides analysis of market trends and detailed market segmentation. We also discuss key trends in the shape of the supply chain, outsourcing and state involvement in the sector. We analyse strategies pursued by companies in this sector and also examine M&A deals over the last 2 years. Aero-Engines and IGT Components The aerostructures supply chain is about to enter a period of radical and unprecedented change. This will be caused mainly by reducing volume but also by continued capital investment in what has now become a capital-intensive sector. We have been analysing the market for a long time, both in the manufacturing sector and now, over the last 15 years, as analysts. Aerostructures Our latest Aerospace Actuation is the most authoritative and in-depth report on the USD $11.2 billion actuation market available today.Things are changing and there have already been significant developments in; industry structure, procurement, M&A and technology (most notably in electromechanical actuation). Aerospace Actuation The aerospace composites industry is evolving fast on thermoplasctic based composites as well as out-of-autoclave processing methods. The supply chian was preparing for a production rate that is never seen before the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Aerospace Composite report reflects analysis of our discussions with companies at all levels from OEMs to material suppliers. Aerospace Composites The aircraft interiors market still offers the prospect of premium growth, but competition is intense, particularly in seating where there are many players now including Boeing. Over the last seven years, we have been analysing this market, supplying our report globally and engaging with many of the leading players. Aircraft Interior
Our market model provides
Counterpoint has always undertaken extensive quantitative analysis in support of our services.

OE and aftermarket size

Our model provides current OE market and aftermarket size by aerospace component or by aircraft platforms

Suppliers' market share

Our model provides market share information for the sector's participants.

Market share by manufacture methods

The model provides market share by manufacture methods for commercial aerospace programs.

OE and aftermarket forecast

The model provides 10-years OE market and aftermarket growth by component or by aircraft platform.

Market size by material

Our model also provides the market size for various materials used on aerostructures and engines (for aerostructure and engine components).

Market size by region

Our model also provides market size by geographical region.

Our clients
Counterpoint has an international business, with over 80% of sales coming from outside the UK. Sales of research reports are complemented by our consultancy work. Two thirds of sales are to the aerospace & defence industry – aircraft and engine prime contractors and first and second tier suppliers. Other clients are private equity funds, investment banks and government organisations.
Latest news

Pratt & Whitney PW1000G GTF Service Update

It is clear to observe that Pratt & Whitney’s flagship commercial engine product, the PW1000G GTF, has significant enhancements over the previous engine generation (CFM56 and V2500); for instance, fuel burn, noise, and regulated NOx emissions. While these advances validate a more sustainable engine in the current and future world environment, those who have operated…

Aircraft Fluid Conveyance 2021 – Report Release

On 20th July 2021, Counterpoint released its fifth report on the aircraft fluid conveyance market – Aircraft Fluid Conveyance 2021. Why buy this 125-page report (up from 91 pages in 2019)? We have expanded the scope and granularity of this report to give a rigorous and insightful market analysis in what is often an overlooked…

Landing Gear 2021 – Report Release

On 28th June 2021, Counterpoint released its first report on the landing gear market – Landing Gear 2021. Why buy this 198-page report? On a large commercial aircraft, landing gear is estimated to represent around 20% of total aircraft maintenance costs and around 7% of the aircraft weight, so this is an important market sector….